Arc en Sels precursor of an ethical support

In 2001, Arc en Sels was happy to promote the Argan Tree. 

Very rare tree survivor of the tertiary era, it is only growing in the south east of Morocco, where it plays a very important part in the environment and social life. Thanks to its powerful root system, it maintians the ground by keeping its fertility, protecting from wind and water erosion which are a threat of desertification for a good part of Morocco.

The argan tree is a tree of life, its oil is precious and rare and everything from it is used: the leaves and the pulp for the animals, the almonds for the oil, the wood for burning and carpentry. 

It helps three millions of people to live by preventing them from rural exode. But it is in danger. Each year, 1500 acres disapear. It is cleared for intensive agriculture and for the wood for the heating.

In order to fight against this plague, the feminine organizations are settled. They work in the respect and according to tradition. By producing this oil, these berber women value a prodigious product and give an economical reason to the preservation of the forest. This approach leads to the respect of the tree, to reforestation and to the sustainability of life. These organizations are supported by international organizations turned towards the respect of life and nature.

The oil proposed by Arc en Sels is made from the full fruit, dried in the sun, then freed from its bark. This work can be done by a machine because it is very hard.

The kernel is then broken by the women to extract the almond. This work needs a great agility, as the almond has to remain full.

For the food oil, the almond is roasted. The time for the roasting is very important. A too long roasting leads to a bitter and brown oil.

For the cosmetic oil, the almond remains raw.

This oil is very precious as it is totally by hand that the women extract the almond, knowing that it needs forty kilograms of fruit to make one liter of oil, and this requires fifteen hours of work.

By eating this oil, you participate to the upkeep of the plantations and the reforestation , of the happiness of the people, and of the settlement of the best working conditions.

An environment dimension

Each year, a percentage of the selling of this oil allow to support a project. For the year 2014, for example, it was the installation of fixed garbage cans in the villages and the neighborhood, and the creation of a yearly job for a person responsible of their pickup and for the cleanness of the village.

This sensitivity is given to the persons of the village to the protection of the planet.


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