Ultimate bio

Since ever, ARC EN SELS is proposing to the consumers products rich for ancestral qualities and not for a commercial strategy.

From this impetus of preserving the quality and ethic, ARC EN SELS developped this skin care range of products, of very high quality.

Based on floral waters, this products have been made from organic raw materials, chosen with care.

For the range ULTIMATE BIO, we have selected an exceptional activ ingredient, for its anti-aging and healing property: the elixir of seeds of prickly pear.

The floral waters, the pure oils, the shea butter, are made by small production units and not by industrial processes. Like this, they keep all their original properties.
All our oils are virgin cold pressed oils, not deodorized in orders to preserve all their active properties.

In this way, the ULTIMATE BIO range of products, from its high percentage or activ agents and the synergy of its ingredients, propose you a suitable response for all types of skins (mature, dry and mixte, sensitive and with acne tendency)

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