During these eight years of existence of the Association, the Founders of “Aux Coeurs du Monde” concretize more than thirty-eight humanist actions, in Africa more particularly but not only.

In Mozambique:

In one of the most deprived areas of the world, the District of Cabo Delgado, is the city of Montepuez. It is in its near periphery that the humanistic company Aurora (producer of juices and jams of mangoes, papayas and dried fruits on an area of ​​100 Ha) has set up, inspired in all respects by the Founders.

It was at the hospital in Montepuez, where there were insufficient resources to treat patients suffering from malnutrition and malaria, the biggest cause of death, that the Founders decided on a large-scale action by chartering containers of medical equipment, equipment for disabled, etc … to provide for emergency needs.

Thus was born the first room equipped with medical beds for a pediatric care unit: a first for this hospital where until then the patients were forced to be treated on the ground.

Room equipped with medical beds

And to complete this action, the Founders then decided the Operation KIRIKOU.

Blood donation awareness campaigns are ineffective because blood donors, who often come from far away, can not get a snack, and get weaker by donating blood, taking the risk of swelling the flow of patients.

[:en]It is in front of all this confusion, that the Founders decide to buy to the humanistic company AURORA the totality of their production, to offer it to the hospital of Montepuez, for the patients and especially the children, as well as for the blood donors.

In 2005: 6340 juices, 1279 jams and 11260 breads.

In 2006: 4860 liters of mango juice, 2512 papaya juice, 442 kg of mango jams, 360 kg of papaya jam, 34 kg of dried mangoes, 18780 breads.

In 2007: 3700 liters of mango juice, 460 kg of mango jams and 10860 breads.

The magnitude of this action by the Association impressed everyone from doctors to hospital staff.

As a result, the improvement of the AURORA company was able to continue in 2007, by installing a bacteriological analysis system for mango juice.

But the end of 2007 also marks the end of the African adventure in Mozambique for “Aux Coeurs du Monde” (because of the political context).

A new association, founded at the initiative of the Aurora workers takes over the torch.

In Morroco: many actions

The donation of the Imlil ambulance, a small village in the High Atlas:

At the end of 2005, the Founders decided to help the IMLIL Basin Association.

In this Moroccan valley, the health situation was very precarious, and the opportunity arose to be able to offer a fully equipped 4×4 ambulance, to compensate for the shortcomings of the previous vehicle, a former NATO ambulance, tired of having crisscrossed the valley for too long in all directions.

The container for IMLIL:

The Founders allowed the delivery of a container of 6 tons of donations collected from France.

This container allowed among other things to arrange the dispensary in medical equipment.

The walls of IMLIL:

In the valley of Imlil, a small Berber village of the High Atlas, the wonder is at its height!

The surprise also, because after the donation of the ambulance, the container of material, the Founders launch with the members of the Association “Les Bassins d’Imlil” this priority project for the population: the construction of two walls of protection of the village against the powerful floods of the river Mezane, which passes in the center of the village.

The disaster of 1995 is still in the memories (half of the village was destroyed by a tsunami, making many victims).

On August 3, 2006, the inauguration of the two protective walls takes place; now powerful reinforced concrete dam walls protect the village and its inhabitants.

Since then, the village has grown considerably, the natives now feeling safe.

Assistance to the Argane cooperative:

The Founders offer the women of the cooperative, which produces argan oil for salt bow, a little more comfort:

A refrigerator

Individual lockers to protect their tools and belongings.

But the most important help they receive is of course the distribution through the “Aux Coeurs du Monde” association of the oil they produce, which allows, through their own work, to reach a level of life far superior to what it was before the intervention of the Association.

In India: A Magnificient Action September 2009: Dancing bears!

The Association “ One Voice ” stands up against their massacre.

The Association “ One Voice ” stands up against their massacre.

Indeed, this endangered species is still the target of individuals who, for several generations, to earn a living, compel them to dance in front of an audience during village festivals.

Their life is abominable! They are martyred to make them perform what is expected of them.

This cause has particularly attracted the attention of the Founders, who have always affirmed their support for animals in distress. They were very much sensitized to their immense suffering on their way to India and expressed the hope that all available funds would be donated to this rescue and protection work before the closure of “Aux Coeurs du Monde”.

The office therefore wanted to respect the final request of the Founders.

Thus the sum of 60 000 euros has been paid to ONE VOICE, it will be devoted entirely to the reception, care and food of new bears in the sanctuary of Agra in India, without forgetting the necessary means for the fight against poaching.

This last action will put an end to an abominable tradition whose bears have been victims for 400 years.

A Happy ending !

Here is the letter from the President of ONE VOICE announcing a historic release of the last bear “Jeeth” that was handed out on December 9, 2009 by her trainer Kalandar at the shrine of Agra.

This release culminates 7 years of intensive One Voice work with Wildlife SOS.

December 9, 2009

As promised, I am happy to give you news of our work in India. You will be able to discover the detail in image on our site www.one-voice.fr.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I announce the end of the bear dance after 400 years.

My work will continue to take care of the bears in the sanctuaries and strengthen the work of the anti-poaching unit, to avoid the capture of new cubs.

Can you express my thanks to the Founders for their support of this important project?

Best regards

Muriel Arnal



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