It was decided to be labelized by the certification of Ecocert: ESR

The label E.S.R. ( Equitable Solidarity Manager) Ecocert

In order to increase the distribution of the products from all cooperatives ( argan oil, shea butter, or hibiscus flowers, sesame oil) , it was decided to be labelized by the certification of Ecocert : ESR

This certification does not change anything that has been in place for all these years in the ethical operation of the company. However, this new label allows to recognize its fair-share on a national and European level by a authorized state authority.

This organization was chosen among others, for its seriousness and its specific requirement that are consistent with the values ​​established from the very beginning.

The four main criteria  are

  • Responsabilité sociale
  • Solidarité économique
  • Responsabilité environnementale
  • Transparence de l’information et respect du consommateur

Le référentiel ESR d’Ecocert est basé sur un juste partage des bénéfices.

The ESR supports fair trade that initiates a process of structuring and proves the viability of alternative approaches to conventional international trade rules. Ethical trade , validates its ability to help alarge number of artisans, farmers , rural and urban workers, to improve their situation by providing a patch, yet modest , to the global phenomenon of falling prices of agricultural commodities.

The meaning  of  the  ESR approach is  to combine local trade and sustainable development , and at the  consumer level,  to  provide for  consumers  guarantees on:

  • The ESR of Ecocert is based on a fair-share of benefits.
  • The characteristics of streams.
  • The modes of production.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the process.
  • A clear and detailed information.
  • Evidence that the products available are those that have been certified compliant.

Arc en Sels is in relationship with the following co-ops : in Morroco for the Argan Oil, and the Burkina Faso for the shea butter, the bissap and the sesame seeds oil.

This label ESR allows the consumer to be provided by an official recognized authority under European way. Thus a respect for producers and consumer.


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