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Cosmetic Argan Oil

Cosmetic Argan Oil

50 ml
100 ml

100% Organic

A treasure of Morocco that offers all its wealth

Studies have proven that Argan oil revitalize the skin, restart the vital functions of the cells, and restore the skin barrier and neutralize the free radicals.

The Argan oil of Arc en Sels is of high quality and comes from fair trade.

Its provenance is controlled from the picking to the conditioning in the bottles.

It is first cold pressed, made from fruits choosen with care, and picked by hand, and not ingested by the goats. The fruits are husked without the use of water in order to prevent the oil from becoming rancid.


- For anti-aging action on the face : In day or night care , it regenerates the skin, moisturizes and prevents premature skin aging caused by external aggressions such as sun , weather , cold, stress ... Suitable for all types of skin.

- For nails and hair : For dry and brittle hair, permed or colored, apply mask on the entire hair and leave for two hours before shampooing. The hair becomes soft and shiny. Argan oil also strengthens brittle or split nails.

- Beauty and Body: In body massage, it moisturizes , nourishes and softens the skin , it also strengthens preventing the loss of elasticity. In scrub, associated with two thirds of Dead Sea scrub salt, this is a high quality exfoliator .

First cold pressed

Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics standards available on http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com
Controlled by ECOCERT SA Environment available on

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