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ARC EN SELS exists since 2001 and distributes organic and natural cosmetic products of very high quality, made with raw materials of different countries in respect of human values and environment. All the products of ARC EN SELS are prepared with no Nanoparticles, no Petrochemistry, no GMO and thus keep all their vertues.

ARC EN SELS's faire trade is particularly turned towards Africa, Middle East, Eastern countries and South America. ARC EN SELS's trade is made with organisations of Morocco, Burkina Faso, Benin, but also with smal producers of Madagascar, of Morocco, Egypt or Jordan.

ARC EN SELS's products are not issued from commercial strategies but are carrying the wealth of earth and allow those who choose them to participate to this wonderful impetus towards the true values.

Our organic and natural raw materials come from territories of high and exceptionnal quality, and are respected by "first cold pressed" process, only condition to get a cosmetic product of high active content.