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Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil

100 ml
200 ml

100% Organic


« Nigella Sativa »

A valuable ancestral remedy!

Throughout the Mediterranean basin, Black Cumin oil is the remedy for countless virtues!

At the time of the Pharaohs, Egyptians used it as a panacea, and the Prophet Muhammad immortalized in his work.

In Europe, at a return to natural products , many nutritionists and scientists are interested by its broad scope

As a supplement of a balanced diet

The Black Cumin Oil is a natural substance of great wealth, which contains more than 100 powerful active elements. The important therapeutic activity of the plant is due to its synergic action of the fatty acids, the essential oils and the oligo-elements.

The immune system mobilized constantly

Other than the toxic substances of the environment, our organism is exposed on a daily basis to the damage of many agents or pathogenic germs, mainly bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Usually, we never notice it because the self-defense mechanisms of our organism work properly.

The signs of a weak system are the apparition of digestive disorder, a state of fatigue, even a migraine state, stress, psychological tensions, unbalanced diet, dermatoses… and are all factors that weaken our immune system and undermine or defenses.

According to the bibliography and the existing studies, the Black Cumin Seed Oil would be likely to stabilize, strengthen and balance the immune system. It would rebuilt naturally the natural defenses.


A table spoon every day, preferably in-between meals.

Black Cumin Oil distributed by Arc en Sels is made by a small company that gives life to many local producers by buying their crops.

Warning :

These informations are taken from specialized works and specific books, and are given for information purpose only. It can in any case be considered as a medical information, nor engage our responsibility. For any usage of the vegetable oils in a therapeutic objective, see your physician or your pharmacist.

First cold pressed oil

* Certified by Ecocert BIO EN 01 - Production from organic farming EU / NUE


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