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Shea Butter with Argan oil

Shea Butter with Argan oil

100 ml

100% of the ingredients are natural

99.70% of the ingredients are organic

The Shea Butter, a source of well being

The fruits of the shea tree, a tree of twenty meters, which only grows in the wild savannah, have been used for millennia in West Africa. They are the size of a plum and contain a core containing a pearly almond, very greasy. This is the almond extracted that gives the Shea Butter.

The Shea Butter protects the skin, soothe , hydrates and regenerates.

It brings a feeling of softness, wrapping the skin in a living care, totally natural.

A women's cooperative

The Shea butter comes from a women's cooperative in Burkina Faso. These women have chosen to partner with Arc en Sels to engage in a more equitable spirit. Extraction of the Shea Butter is made the traditional way, by pressing (and not churning),is chemical-free, so that it releases all its properties and offers all its vitamins.

The Argan Oil

Studies have proven that Argan oil revitalize the skin, restart the vital functions of the cells, and restore the skin barrier and neutralize the free radicals.

The Argan oil of Arc en Sels is of high quality and comes from fair trade. Its provenance is controlled from the picking to the conditioning in the bottles. It is first cold pressed, made from fruits chosen with care, and picked by hand, and not ingested by the goats. The fruits are husked without the use of water in order to prevent the oil from becoming rancid.


Face :

In care of the day or night, it nourishes the skin, restores its elasticity and protects it from external aggressions (cold , pollution ...).

Very effective as a lip balm, including cracking .

Hair :

It restructures the hair fiber and restores life and luster to dry, curly and frizzy hair. The day before shampoo, coat the hair by massaging the points, then wrap in a warm towel .

Body :

Add a spoon into a warm bath , a thin layer will deposit on the body. You can massage the entire body, the feeling of muscle well being is immediate. Ideal for dry skins. Very effective against stretch marks.

Against the cold :

The Shea Butter film will act as a screen and it will continue for long hours to nourish the skin. Use several times a day on all exposed parts.

Protection against the sun :

Use the Shea butter as a complement to your sunscreen, before and after tanning is very effective. You will get an evenly tanned skin that will not peel. Caution: Do not replace sunscreen.

For sport :

In body massage. Before : Accelerates startup and heating . After: Fasters recovery and improves drainage .

Ingredients (INCI List) : Butyrospermum Parkii*, Argania Spinosia* Tocopherol

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com

Controlled by Ecocert ESR repository available www.ecocert.com

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