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Inophyllum Calophyllum Oil

Inophyllum Calophyllum Oil

50 ml


100% Organic

A strong regenerating power

The callophyllum is a sacred tree that grows naturally along the Indian Oceanin Madagascar and especially in a place called " Farocha ". It grows wild in the mangrove salong the beaches and gives a little watery fruit. By pressing these nuts,this first cold oil pressure was considered sacred by the ancient ones.

Its production give a sustainable activity to a group of small malgache producers in an ethic cooperation.

Wonders of Nature, Tamanu oil , also called Inophyllum Calophyllum, has powerful anti-inflammatory , healing and anti-infectious action. Rich in fatty acids , vitamins A and E, it is also anti-free radical, soothing and regenerating. As such, it will be used in the care of problem skins, sensitive , irritated or prone to inflammation, rosacea…It also deals with stretch marks and scars. Combined with other vegetable oils, it has a soothing effect on burns and sunburn. It excels in the treatment of venous circulation, muscle aches and sprains, is anti-rheumatic and reinforced in anti-pain properties.

Its composition

Calophyllique acid, calophyllolide ( 4 -phenyl coumarin ),fatty acids ( lauric acid , palmitic acid , stearic acid , oleic acid , linoleic acid , eicosnoïque acid).


In cutaneous Application :

By analgesic and healing action, the Calophyllum oil is recommended for atopic skin problems: psoriasis , eczema, various dermatoses and also for open wounds such as pressure sores, cracks, crackings, etc. ..

Face :

This oil delays the appearance of wrinkles. It reduces brown spots.

Body :

In massage, the Calophyllum oil reduces stretch marks and relieves tired legs because it has a direct effect on blood circulation.

Scalp :

The Calophyllum oil eliminates dandruff.

Against mosquitoes :

The Calophyllum oil proves to be a very good repellent.

Usage :

Non refined, it freezes under 24°C. Maintain the bottle under hot water, the oil gets ready for use with no alteration risk. Careful: it can stain clothes.

Discover the Arc en Sels featured products based on Inophyllum Calophyllum oil :

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In addition to other products :

The Eye contour of Ultimate Bio : put one drop of Inophyllum Calophyllum oil and massage delicatly under your eyes, then, after penetration, apply the Eye Contour of Ultimate Bio. The synergy of the two products will light up by bluring the dark circles, the bags and the wrinkles.

These informations are purely informative, they do not in any way constitute medical information, or engage our responsibility. For any use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes, consult your doctor or pharmacist first

Cold pressed oil

Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com

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