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Ultimate Bio - Green Coffee Elixir

Ultimate Bio - Green Coffee Elixir

15 ml


100% Organic

This oil of Green Coffee from south America is cold pressed. It thus keeps all its vertues to this Elixir of Green Coffee.

This green gold has a unique composition: rich in essential fats, in sterols, vitamin E, diterpene of coffee, antioxidant phenol and tocopherol, co-enzyme Q10, caffeine, which gives a very efficient oil for the skin care.

It is one of the very rare oils to have such a rate of palmitic acid (omega 7): more than 30%. This fats is a real skin barrier, which protects against aggressions and has a occlusive action. It stimulates the processus of skin repair.

This oil of Green Coffee has more than 45% of linoleic acids (omega 6). It is an exceptional lipidic cement which allows the transport of water to the outer layers of the skin, thus reducing the excessive dryness of the face and the little wrinkles. It also allows a faster and deeper absorption of the oil and settles a protective barrier of the epidermis.

It contains 10% of oleic acids (omega 9), fats close to sebum which makes it suitable for all types of skins. This acids is recognized to give back elasticityand resiliency of the skin.

This oil has a very soft and silky touch. It is absorbed very easily by the epidermis.

Vegetable Oil 100% from organic farming «first cold pressed»

non deodorized

With no synthetic preservative

No petrochemical process

No ionizing process

Obtained by mechanical processes

Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard available at http ;/ / cosmetiques.ecocert.com

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