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Prickly Pear pure Seed oil

Prickly Pear pure Seed oil

15 ml

15 ml

100% Biologique

The elixir

This is on top of the rackets that appear large yellow lateral flowers, orange or red. These flowers give rise to edible fruit, a large fleshy berry ovoid , decorated with quills prickly pear . It contains hard seeds , indigestible , but rich in vitamins. We obtained after preparation, a highly sought oil and a nourishing meal . The oil produced by the cooperative is 100% pure and natural , virgin, first cold pressed , without any chemical treatment .

Must environ1000 kgde fruits for 25 A30 kgde seeds that will after pressage1 litred'huile .

Seeds prickly contain from 6 to 10% oil comprising from 82 to 92 % oleic and linoleic acid , 9-16 % palmitic acid and 1 to 2% of stearic acid .

Support in an arid area

The seed oil of prickly distributed by Arc en Sels from a cooperative composed of twenty women ensuring the functioning of this small production entity . Arc en Sels supports this cooperative spirit in ethics to help them distribute their production. Thus, the cactus can create jobs in rural and arid zones.


Seed oil of prickly pear is exceptionally rich in vitamin E and sterols which gives it an unusual ability common to protect the skin against free radicals. The analyzes also showed that this oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) . These substances are valuable because they help to fight against dry skin , improve hydration, slow the aging process of the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.


Apply to fine lines and facial wrinkles. Use as a day cream or night or serum under your night cream. A small amount is enough. Can be applied to the chest and limbs.

It is the only oïl that can be applicablearound the eye

First cold pressed oil

Raw material certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard of Natural and Organic Cosmetics available on http://cosmetiques.ecocert.comControlled by ECOCERT SA 

repository by ESR available www.ecocert.com

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