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Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil

Flacon de 30 ml


100% Organic

A valuable ancestral remedy !

Throughout the Mediterranean basin, Black Cumin oil is the remedy for countless virtues!

At the time of the Pharaohs, Egyptians used it as a panacea, and the Prophet Muhammad immortalized in his work.

In Europe, at a return to natural products , many nutritionists and scientists are interested by its broad scope

In dermal application

Black Cumin Oil has great virtues: regeneration of skin, antiseptic , anti-inflammatory , anti-fungal , anti-allergic

You may use the Black Cumin Oil for the following cases:

Skin problems, inflammation, eczema, bruises and sprains, skin parasites , fungal skin infections, pruritus, acne, psoriasis.


Pure in light massage to make the oil penetrate.

Black Cumin Oil distributed by Arc en Sels is made by a small company that gives life to many local producers by buying their crops.

This high quality oil produced with care is extracted by cold pressing.

First cold pressed oil

* Certified by Ecocert BIO EN 01 - Production from organic farming EU / NUE

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