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Since it was created, Arc en Sels is proposing Shea butter, Sesame oil and bissap, all of them organic, fairtrade of high quality. True treasure and traditional knowledge, their production gives dignity, future, resources on long term to women of Africa.

Lots of project were born : settlement of organisation for alphabetisation, training in different fields, creation of a kindergarten, health center, buying of equipment, awareness to the proctection of environment....

In 2013 was put in place a mutual health which provides a minimum of one doctor visit per year, and paiment for medecins. Drugstores are directly reimbursed. This was unconcievable for these women and their relatives few years ago.

The organisation :

The voluntary association with economic and social caracter, for the promotion and the support of groups of women.


Meetings, exchanges between sister organisations at a regional level, as well as national or international levels, of their experience and their know-how.

Training, awareness and animation :

- For the family planification and in human rights.
- For the procedures to follow in the settlement of legal files ( exportation files, choice of the status...)
- For the production technologies of some local products.
- For the treatment of the waste waters.
- For management of economical activities

The production of the shea butter of Arc en Sels