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About us

Arc en Sels was created in 2001 by people concerned about the distribution of food and organic cosmetics of the highest quality, which have since a long time been used in their home countries, and developed with respect for the environment and moral values .

The primary objective is to offer products not issued from business strategies but holders of ancestral wealth.

They are mainly from Africa and the Middle East with the BIO ECOCERT label and for some of them, the ethical label ECOCERT ESR.

Precursor, Arc en Sels started to offer on the markets of Gironde, on a stall of just four meters, argan oil, inophyllum Calophyllum oil or Nigella oil, little or not known at all for their many virtues, salts and mud from the Dead Sea. Since then, these raw materials have invested organic and even conventional cosmetics.

The enthusiasm was such that Arc en Sels grew very rapidly. Many trips have helped forge strong links with various cooperatives and groups, and sign partnership agreements ensuring fair and ethical trade.

Since then, Arc en Sels continues its prodigious expansion, thereby demonstrating that prosperity and respect for beings is possible for a company which has become international.

Special care, regular monitoring of products, both in the manufacturing process, as the working conditions of staff on site, can sustain a high end quality to the consumer.

2009: Baobab oil, Moringa oil and neem oil were entering the catalog each bringing their specificities, their qualities.

Always listening to the customer, the range continues to evolve with this will to preserve ethics.

2014: Arc en Sels launches a real skincare range, high quality, imported from biological raw materials and according to their formulas, respectful of the people and the environment.