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Subtil mix of oils and shea butter, the balms of Arc en Sels respond to all your needs:

- Beauty Shine Balm : shea butter, rosehip oil, and essential oil of exotic vervain. It is particularly suitable for the skins to be regenerated (scars, wrinkles, stretch marks...)

- Youth Balm : shea butter, moringa oil, natural extract of vanilla. It is softness, ally of the flaky and very dry skins. It is the friend of the little ones.

- Clairessence Balm : shea butter, black cumin oil, calophyllum oil, essential oil of geranium rosat. By the preciousness of its composition, it is essential in your care and beauty bag.

Find it on : http://www.france2.fr/emissions/c-est-au-programme/chroniques-par-theme/beaute-cosmetique-bio-pour-les-metisses-aussi_158632

- Scrub Balm : shea butter, sesame oil, scrub salt of the dead sea. Thanks to its very fine particle size, it is suitable for the body and the face.