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Arc en Sels is happy to propose the wonders of Nature, above all frontiers, for your health and your well being. 

In a very simply way with faith to weave bonds between the different countries of the world,  in a true spirit of exchange between the people. 

So, respecting all kinds of life,  we propose different products : seeds oil, flower water, vegetal butter, creams. All of them have been chosen because of their quality and their ancestral renown. 



As per today, our exchanges are done through products entirely natural, which are known since a long time in their country of origin, and that we want the western countries to discover. Their origin is mainly Africa (Argan oil, Rhassoul, Flowers oil, inophyllum calophyllum oil,…) and middle east (muds and salts of the Dead Sea, black cumin oil, ...)

Organic and fairtrade : a way of thinking, a way of producing, a way of selling.

8, rue de l'Escouarte
33980 Audenge
Tel : +33(0) - Fax : +33 (0)
Email : contact@arcensels.com


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